Every entrepenuer’s requirements are different.

With Gina Silvestro Freelance Assistance, she specializes in learning what your company needs and creating a strategy to execute it. Finding someone who will work with you without the boundaries of pre-made packages and services can be challenging. Gina’s Boutique Assistance is the route to go. Large firms with enormous hourly rates and web packages is frightening for the small entrepenuer.

This is where Gina Silvestro comes in. At Gina Silvestro Freelance Assistance, we create service packages together that respond to the ever-changing business you have created.

At Gina Silvestro Freelance Assistance, we believe that your company requires consistency and a brand. Let Gina Silvestro take over some of those online burdens so that you can get back to what you do best.

Social Media Management

Consistency is Key.

Finding the time to create content for your targeted audience, find a graphic that matches it, post it to several platforms that all have different requirements, post to Stories, create Reels, and then engage and follow analytics…

That’s a full time job that you should leave to a professional, Gina Silvestro Freelance Assistance.

When you see a person in a cafe drinking a coffee, it’s not a newspaper or magazine that they are reading, it’s social media. My job is to get your brand in front of them and show your audience the value that you have to offer.

Digital Products

Instead of simply riding out this time of uncertainty, treat this “downtime” as an opportunity to generate revenue by selling digital products online.

Gina Silvestro Freelance Assistance puts your ideas into a Digital Product. Workbooks, Video Series, eCourses, Webinars.

PDF Journals, Workbooks and Planners can be downloadable or printed on demand.

Digital Marketing

Most people don’t get into online business because you are great at selling. You’re creators, teachers, designers, coaches, counsellors looking to share your expertise. You have your product and realize that sales is a really big piece of the puzzle.

And my guess is – you need a little help.

Facebook Group Management

Are you taking advantage of a Facebook Group?

Staying on top of trends is important when you want your brand to be in front of as large of an audience as possible. Facebook Groups are an easy way to start your sales funnel because you don’t just want people to purchase once, you want to move them through loyalty to advocacy.

While connecting with your audience on a one-on-one basis, they get to know some of the people behind your brand which is crucial to increasing rapport.

Facebook Challenges

This is a surprising strategy to build relationships and get real leads and clients on Facebook. Challenges can run from 3 Days up to 6 Weeks or more! Experienced Challenge creators know that engagement is key and how to convert your audience into clients. For either Facebook or Instagram it isn’t about how many people follow you, it is about how many people are engaging with you. Engagement makes FB and IG happy!

Setting up a Facebook Challenge and engaging daily with your challengers can be time consuming on top of your daily posts so leave this task to a professional.

“Gina Silvestro is the most amazing person to work with! She is fantastic and is absolutely soooo worth it!

She is outstanding at what she does.”

Shelly q, counsellor & coach

Gina Silvestro’s career began as an assistant to the legal counsel for a real estate developer and property manager in Regina, Saskatchewan. When she moved to Calgary, she ran alongside a real estate mogul. This position comparable to Anne Hathaway’s character in The Devil Wears Prada. Gina Silvestro learned to think fast on her feet and become very resourceful. After she became a mother, she realized that this life was not for her. So, she became an educator.

A couple of years ago, she picked up a network marketing side hustle. Here, she studied the world of social selling and engaging with your audience. Gina soon realized that this was where she wanted to be to continue her love creating content. She enrolled in a virtual assistant course and launched her business. Soon afterwards, she realized that there is so much more. She is currently studying online business management to enrich her skill set. She taught herself several website platforms so she can assist her clients in creating content that converts.

So, how would you like to partner with someone like Gina Silvestro Freelance Assistance who is as invested in your success as you are?

Try Me On

This Starter Pack is for you!

Have a single video or podcast episode you’d like to repurpose?

Want to try out my repurposing services at a low-cost, in a no-commitment way?

All you need to do is send me your video/audio content, and I will send back:

♥ 1 email newsletter

♥ 8 social media captions with graphics

♥ 2 social media content graphics w/ caption

Visibility Booster

This package is for the entrepreneur who wants to take their multi-channel marketing strategy to the next level and is ready to outsource a large portion of their content marketing (so you can focus on scaling your biz!).

We’ll be pumping out content each week so you can continuously grow your audience and keep showing up as a thought leader in your space.

Each month, you’ll send me 2-4 pieces of audio/video content and you’ll receive:

♥ 2 email newsletters

♥ 12-15 social media posts and graphics

♥ branded social media graphics

Explode Your Exposure

This package is for the CEO who wants a totally hands-off content management process. I’ll manage your content from creation to publishing, so all you need to worry about is showing up two or three great sources once per month and I’ll handle the rest!

Rest easy and focus on revenue-generating activities knowing your social media is being handled. I’ll be pumping out regular SEO-optimized blog posts, your audience is being nurtured, and you have someone in your corner making sure your brand is showing up consistently and cohesively across all platforms every week.

Each month with provided direction:

♥ 4 email letters

♥ 25-28 social media posts

♥ branded social media content graphics

Digital Products are products that you can present online or can be printed as a pdf. For example e-books and journals can be purchased online and then downloaded and printed on your consumer’s computer and printer.

“I am grateful for Gina Silvestro and her insane skills and ability to read my mind!”

lauren cleveland, break complacency & to serve and connect society canada

Digital Marketing is a broad field. If you have a product that you wish to market, we can discuss some strategies on how to get your product out there.

What is a Lead Magnet or Landing Page? A Lead Magnet is essentially your attraction advertising. It is a product offered to your target market in exchange for an email address. A Lead Magnet needs to be attractive enough for a potential customer to share their email address with you. In other words, they have to perceive value.

What is a Sales Funnel? There are sales funnel which use e-mail marketing to walk your consumer through the sales process. It usually begins with a Lead Magnet, the customer provides their email address, and the funnel is the sales experience that occurs afterwards. The Funnel generally offers more free content, one to three small value offers and then, depending on what the customer has chosen, the email will direct them to similar products or an even larger product.

Email Customer Journey: This is the journey that converts your audience into a customer.

Email Newsletters: Gone are the days of newsletter column-style emails. Send a personal, simple, value-added weekly email to your subscribers in order to keep them engaged.

Sales Pages: This is your web or email page that your audience is driven to once they provide their email address or simply click YES. This page tells them all about you and why they should purchase from you. These pages need to be extra convincing, provide social proof, and testimonials. From this page, there may be a couple of choices of products which include links to the Freebie that you have offered as well as other small offers that may interest your audience. Essentially, this page is your salesperson.

I woke up this morning and I thought to myself, what in the world would I do if I didn’t have Gina Silvestro Freelance Assistance?

shelly, A Satisfied Client